Laptop Skins

Bored with your laptop look and want a refreshing and attractive change? One of our laptop skins will be the best option for you. You simply choose one of our new, brilliant designs. Stick it on, trim off the excess, sit back and admire your work.
We supply a huge range of high quality digitally printed laptop wraps. One of our stunning designs will totally transform the look of your laptop.
These are high resolution prints, made on a high specification vinyl inkjet printer.
Laptop skins not only change the look of your laptop, they will also protect them from scratches.

  • 1 x 380mm x 255mm to fit most 15.6″ laptops.
  • Trim to fit – check the size before ordering.
  • All of our vinyl comes with air release technology, which means if any bubbles occur, these can be easily removed. Just press your thumb on any air bubbles and they will disappear.
  • Vinyl will conform to the curves around the edges.
  • Protects your laptop from scratches.
  • High resolution prints.
  • Vibrant, long-lasting colours.
  • Inexpensive Makeover.
  • Easily Removable and Replaceable.
  • Images are mockups, for reference only. The actual colour may vary slightly due to different monitor settings.
  • These are vinyl skins, they will not offer protection if you drop your laptop!


As with fitting any sticker, it is important to start with a nice clean surface. To remove the vinyl from the backing paper, it is best to lay the sticker face down on a hard surface, then gently peel back the backing paper. This prevents stretching and possible tearing of the vinyl. The vinyl has a low initial tack which becomes more sticky when you apply pressure and/or a little heat. They are easy to apply and need fitting dry. DO NOT use water for fitting.

During fitting, if you have air bubbles, just rub them with your thumb or a soft cloth, working out towards the edges. Air-release vinyl makes it very easy to push air bubbles out for a perfect finish.
When the skin has been fitted, you will then need to trim around the edge of the sticker with a sharp scalpel to remove the excess vinyl. Its important to use a fresh blade, so you know it is going to be very sharp: Using a blunt blade will make the job harder and result in poor-trimmed edges.
After fitting & trimming, it is important to use a hair dryer to gently warm up the vinyl. Adding heat to the vinyl softens it up helps the adhesive bind firmly to the plastic surface. Check the edges the next day, and if any have lifted, just apply a little more heat and press them back down.