Mountain bike (MTB) frame protection stickers

Discover top-notch MTB frame protection stickers at Awesome Stickers UK. Our MTB decals are expertly crafted with high-resolution prints, created on a high-spec vinyl inkjet printer. Utilising long-life inks and premium outdoor-use vinyl, these stickers are designed for durability and style.

Key Features:

Comprehensive Kit: Our laminated MTB stickers safeguard the wear areas of your frame paintwork, providing robust protection against scratches and scuffs.

Universal Fit with Extension Blocks: Achieve a perfect fit with our universal design, complete with optional extension blocks. Refer to the pictures for sizes.

Flexible Vinyl for Easy Application: The flexible vinyl effortlessly conforms to the curves of your frame, allowing for a seamless application with the help of a heat gun or hair dryer.

High-Resolution Print: Enjoy the finest details of our high-resolution prints, capturing the essence of your MTB passion with exceptional clarity.

Easy Apply (Air Release) Vinyl: Our stickers feature air-release technology, ensuring a straightforward application process without trapped air bubbles, resulting in a polished finish.

Vibrant, Long-Lasting Colours: Immerse your MTB in vibrant, long-lasting colours that not only protect but also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your frame.

Revitalise your MTB with our frame protection stickers. Order now to experience the perfect blend of style and functionality, keeping your bike looking pristine on every trail. Ride with confidence, knowing your frame is shielded by the best in MTB protection!

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