Oculus Quest 2 stickers

Oculus quest 2 stickers from Awesome Stickers UK! Full coverage premium laminated vinyl skins for your VR headset.

  • Will only fit the Quest 2
  • High resolution laminated prints.
  • Air release vinyl for a bubble-free finish.
  • Vibrant colours.
  • Simple peel and stick.
  • Full coverage of the Oculus Quest VR2 headset and button area of the controllers.
  • Front sticker has slits to accommodate the curved edges.
  • Protects the headset from scratches.


Buy some fantastic Oculus Quest 2 stickers today to totally transform the look of your VR headset and controllers.

When applying the larger front sticker, it is best to lay the sticker face down on a table, then slowly and carefully peel off the backing paper. This is the easiest way to detach the sticker from the backing paper.

After fitting, you can use a hair dryer to gently warm up the edges of the sticker to help it bind to the plastic headset.

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