Nintendo Switch OLED skins 023 – DRAGONBALL


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Buy some Nintendo Switch OLED skins today to totally transform the look of your console, controllers and docking station. Full coverage premium vinyl skins for your Nintendo Switch OLED.

  • Will only fit the Nintendo Switch OLED version.
  • High resolution prints.
  • Air release vinyl for a bubble-free finish.
  • Vibrant colours.
  • Simple peel and stick.
  • Precise fit – no trimming required.
  • Nintendo Switch OLED skins give full coverage of the  console and dock – no coverage for the curved edges of the controller.
  • Protects the console and dock from scratches.

As with fitting any sticker, it is important to start with a nice clean surface.

During fitting, if you have air bubbles, just rub them with your thumb, working out towards the edges. Air-release vinyl makes it very easy to push air bubbles out for a perfect finish.

After fitting, use a hair dryer to gently warm up the edges of the sticker to help them bind to the console. Check the edges the next day, and if any have lifted up, just apply a little heat and press them back down.