Oculus Quest 2 – skin vinyl sticker 009 – RP1


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Buy some fantastic Oculus Quest 2 skins today to totally transform the look of your VR headset and controllers. Full coverage premium laminated Oculus Quest 2 skins for your VR headset.

    • Will only fit the Quest 2.
    • High resolution laminated prints.
    • Air release vinyl for a bubble-free finish.
    • Vibrant colours.
    • Simple peel and stick.
    • Precise fit – no trimming required.
    • Full coverage of the Oculus Quest VR2 headset and button area of the controllers.
    • Front sticker has slits to accommodate the curved edges.
    • Protects the headset from scratches.



As with fitting any sticker, it is important to start with a nice clean surface. When applying the larger front sticker, it is best to lay the sticker face down on a table, then slowly and carefully peel off the backing paper. This is the easiest way to detach the sticker from the backing paper. Rush this part, or go heavy-handed and you will rip the vinyl in the slits. The slits around the edges are necessary, or the vinyl will crease when you wrap around the curved edges of the front face.

During fitting, if you have air bubbles, just rub them with your thumb, working out towards the edges. Air-release vinyl makes it very easy to push air bubbles out for a perfect finish.

After fitting, you can use a hair dryer to gently warm up the edges of the sticker to help them bind to the headset. Check the edges the next day, and if any have lifted up, just apply a little heat and press them back down.