Traxxas XMAXX stickers :: Pro-line Brute :: 014 MONSTERBOMB


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TRAXXAS XMAXX stickers to suit the PROLINE BRUTE BASH RC car shell. Totally transform your armor white shell with these unique and stunning graphics.

  • Unique RC car sticker designs created by our in-house design team.
  • Bold, vibrant decal colours.
  • Inkjet printed onto re-positionable air-release vinyl (re-positionable during fitting only).
  • Laminated with a clear gloss over-laminate vinyl film to protect the print.
  • Precise fitting – some minor trimming may be needed depending on how you position the decals.

1) These are not intended to be a 100% coverage wrap – there will be small gaps between each panel showing the shell colour through.

2) Most of the stickers are very simple to fit. The tricky stickers are the ones that go over the wheel arches. They are shaped so you bend/stretch them around the arch so the material does not bunch up across the top of the arch. The vinyl will stretch at room temperature, applying heat with a hair dryer can help. See the photos for how these have been applied.

3) Recommended to be used on a new shell. If you are using an old shell that is covered in scratches, we suggest flatting them off with sandpaper, going from medium to fine, then finishing off with a buffer.

4) When your stickers are in place, go over everything with a hair dryer (on a high setting) and rub with a soft cloth – this will help activate the adhesive and ensure that the sticker is securely bonded to the shell.