Traxxas XMAXX stickers :: Pro-line Brute :: stock decal pack


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TRAXXAS XMAXX stickers to suit the PROLINE BRUTE BASH RC car shell. These are a variation on the stock decals that come with the new shell.

  • Unique RC car sticker designs created by our in-house design team.
  • Bold, vibrant decal colours.
  • Inkjet printed onto re-positionable air-release vinyl (re-positionable during fitting only).
  • Laminated with a clear gloss over-laminate film to protect the print.
  • Precise fitting.

1) Recommended to be used on a new shell. If you are using an old shell that is covered in scratches, we suggest flatting them off with sandpaper, going from medium to fine, then finishing off with a buffer.
2) When your stickers are in place, use a hair dryer (on a high setting) to help activate the adhesive and make sure the sticker is securely bonded to the shell.