NEW Laptop skin designs

Tired of looking at the same old laptop with its boring look? Want a fresh new look? One of our laptop skins will be the best option for you. You simply choose and fit one of our many new, stunning designs. A low-cost way of adding some style to your laptop.

Above shows just a few of our designs coming off the printer and being trimmed ready for posting or storage.

We supply a huge range of high quality digitally printed laptop wraps. One of our stunning designs will totally transform the look of your laptop.
These are high resolution prints, made on a high specification vinyl inkjet printer.
Laptop skins not only change the look of your laptop, they will also protect them from scratches.

– Size is 380mm x 255mm:  will fit most 15.6″ laptops.
– Trim to fit – check the size before ordering.
– Printed on easy apply (air release) vinyl.
– Vinyl will conform to the curves around the edges.
– Protects your laptop from scratches.
– High resolution print.
– Vibrant, long-lasting colours.
– Inexpensive Makeover.
– Easily Removable and Replaceable.

The following are several advantages of using our laptop skins:

Scratch protection:
Even though laptop skins do not offer protection from heavy or even medium impacts, they are able to prevent any scratches or other minor damage. The skin will take the small scratches and you can replace it anytime you wish.

Express Your Personality:
Our laptop skins are available in a wide range of designs; you can choose one that is able to express your favourite things or even your personality. In this case, you may go for your favourite colours, characters, logos or perhaps quotes which perfectly describe you. They will definitely give more personalised look and feel.

Inexpensive Makeover:
Laptop skins are indeed able to overcome the scratches or damage problems without burning a hole in your pocket. Most of them are absolutely low-budget makeover — yet they are going to cover unpleasant scratches and marks with awe-inspiring personalised designs and colours.

Easily Removable and Replaceable:
High quality laptop skins won’t leave any residue left after being removed. It means that you can peel it off anytime without injuring the laptop body and change the skin anytime you wish.

A couple of examples are shown below, chosen from our range of over 100 designs.

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